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Why Shaky Bridge Wines

Winemaking Philosophy

Our winemaker, Dave Grant, learned his craft during the 1990s and has been making wines for Shaky Bridge since the first release in 2002. A single Pinot Noir wine was made in that first vintage by coaxing the intensely flavored fruit through the winemaking process and in to the bottle. Crafting wines is the central theme of the Shaky Bridge approach to winemaking; get the raw material in the vineyard as best as it can be and gently extract the best flavors to deliver wines of finesse, elegance and substance. Intervention is minimal.

  • Shaky Bridge Wines are handcrafted to the highest quality standards in each brand tier.
  • We have complete control over our grape growing and therefore the quality of fruit used to make our wines.
  • We do not rush the winemaking process, using time to allow the 'right' flavors to develop in barrel or bottle before we release a wine for sale.
  • Our flagship Pinot Noir is kept in bottle for a minimum of 12 months to allow bottle maturation to develop flavors, integrate components and to provide an exceptional wine experience. Our wines are made to move you.
  • We use only small 'barrique' barrels (225 litres) to mature all our Pinot Noir and our Pont Tremblant Chardonnay.
  • We know the importance of crafting flavorful, memorable, well structured and balanced wines for your enjoyment.
  • That notion is the core of our philosophy. Everything we do each day, each week and each vintage, is done to achieve that goal.
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